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Avtura offers a full range of solutions to help your ground handling and operations team

RATT® Suiteis used to electronically manage all turnaround activities, enabling you to proactively address issues and improve on time performance.

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D-ICE™ de-icing management solutions will help you manage all de-icing events and fluid stock levels, movements and re-ordering. transforming the efficiency of airport de-icing operations.

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A2i™ the airport wide integration layer you’ve been looking for; everything, everywhere, always – in real-time. A fully flexible integration layer based on a dedicated Data Lake to help you manage your data and operations seamlessly.

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Complete aircraft cleaning management to ensure compliance and accountability for all cleaning actions and services and adhere to legal requirements for fully sanitised  and approved aircraft cabins ‘fit-to-fly’ during and post Covid-19.

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