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At Avtura, we’re not your typical software company. Our team is made up of aviation  industry experts who’ve clocked up their fair share of hours in airports across the world – and we don’t mean just when they’re travelling.

With our software deployed in 108 airports across five continents, we can truly say that we are a global company.

Being a global aviation company has given us a thorough understanding that we can’t operate on a 9-to-5 schedule. Whether it’s a crack-of-dawn meeting with partners in Australia, a late-night conference call with aviation teams in the US, or a 3 am presentation to the Far East, sat in your PJs on your birthday with a cup of tea to keep you awake! – we’re there, ready to adapt and support our clients wherever they may be.

Avtura Worldwide Airports

From English to Dutch, Italian, and Mandarin, our team has ventured into new linguistic territories to better serve our diverse clientele. While we may not be fluent in every language, we do certainly try, even if it leads to some interesting meetings.

As aviation enthusiasts first and foremost, we’re deeply ingrained in the industry we serve. We don’t just develop software; we live and breathe aviation, just ask our CEO who will be more than happy to share many of his Aviation stories with you!

What this means is that we are constantly seeking ways to improve and innovate. Our goal has always been to build industry-leading solutions that make a real difference to our users, while remaining easy to implement and use.

Being a global company has meant that our meetings look slightly different to many other companies. Our meetings often happen in airports all over the world and as our CEO will tell you he visited the airport in Hong Kong several times before ever setting foot outside the terminal!

This leads us to a question we often debate in the office: does it count as visiting a country if you don’t leave the airport? We’ll let you think about that one for a minute.

So, whether you’re struggling with operational inefficiencies or seeking to streamline your processes, talk to us. We take pride in our unique perspective and would be honoured to show you what sets us apart.