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Aviation Billing Management

Our advanced billing software is designed to streamline and optimise the billing process for ground handlers in the aviation industry. With powerful features such as contract administration, automated bill calculation, and invoice generation, our software simplifies contract management. This ensures accurate billing of different service types and charging structures.

AV BILLING™ services

Our comprehensive solution simplifies contract management and enhances invoicing capabilities. Gain full control over your billing operations and export data seamlessly to other financial systems for streamlined financial management.

Airport Billing


  • Captures turn types, ancillary services, bonus, rebates, and disbursements automatically
  • Improves invoice accuracy, increases revenues, and reduces debtor days
  • Eliminates manual entry of tasks completed, saving you hours of administrative work
  • Ensures all services get billed accurately
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  • Contract administration, billing, and invoicing management
  • Flexible handling of various service types, charging structures, standard charges, and ancillary revenue
  • Efficient management of recharge costs, bonus payments, and rebates
  • Ability to generate invoices and export them to other financial systems
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Airport billing software

Key Benefits of our Billing Software

Easy User-Friendly Experience

Streamline your billing process with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

IATA SGHA Compliant

Our billing software complies with all of the IATA’s Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) standards.

Fully Audited Accountability

Maintain full accountability of all services and practices through our robust auditing system, ensuring transparency and compliance.

Timely Automated Invoicing

Generate accurate and timely invoices with supporting data reports, eliminating errors and delays in the billing process.

API Integration for Data Export

Seamlessly integrate our billing service with your existing accounting and reporting systems using our API, enabling efficient data export.

Reduced Revenue Leakage

Minimise revenue leakage with our comprehensive billing solution, optimising your invoiced revenue by 5% to 10%.

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