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Avtura are proud to support Aviation Action.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the aviation industry in a way that we simply have not seen before. The number of people losing jobs continues to mount and with the majority of flights cancelled across the globe in a fight to curb the transmission of the virus the numbers are only set to rise.

Aviation Action, a charity set up to support people in the industry, offers vital assistance to people who have worked in the aviation industry within the UK. The charity has been launched by Chris Wild, Head of Airfield Operations at Manchester Airport, and a team of industry professionals who have come together to support their colleagues in this unprecedented time.

Chris said

“At a time when the industry needs significant support, I felt that there was a lack of specific support available for the hundreds of thousands of people who work in aviation. I set up the charity to help people who specifically work in aviation when they most needed it.”

The charity supports the aviation industry across the board from flight deck, firefighters to caterers and cabin crew. Run by an amazing team of volunteers Aviation Action aims to offer hundreds and thousands of aviation colleagues get back on their feet if they are facing difficult times both personally or professionally. The Aviation Action website is being filled it with useful content and articles every week. Briefing sessions are being set up to cover key topics to help and support the industry as they need it.

Initial support can include help and guidance through talking to likeminded aviation professionals. Peer support is also available and can include friendly advice to help colleagues through difficult periods you are currently facing. If someone requires more specialist help in areas such as recruitment, HR, finance or even contact with a psychologist, this is also all available through the website and all totally free.