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Aircraft Turnaround System

In today's fast-paced aviation industry, relying on paper-based processes and unreliable data can cause significant delays, financial losses, and dissatisfied customers. This is where our AV RATT® Suite comes in - a leading software solution that transforms performance and profits for airlines, airports, and ground handlers.

Our real-time aircraft turnaround tool ensures efficient and effective management and coordination of the aircraft arrival, turnaround, and departure process.

Streamline Your Ground Operations and Improve Turnaround Time

The AV RATT® Suite is composed of flexible, tailored solutions for aircraft turnaround, passenger services, ramp operations, ground handling contract and billing management.

Aircraft turnaround system

AV RATT® Turnaround Tool

Improving your turnaround time:

  • Electronically manage all turnaround activities
  • Seamless integration with airport systems for real-time and accurate data
  • Improves ground time performance and enables auto-predictions and adherence to A-CDM T-OBT calculations
  • Benefits airlines, airports, ground handlers, and passengers alike
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Assisting with Advanced Passenger Information:

  • Effective management and recording of all Passenger Services operations
  • Check-in, boarding gates, priority lounges and PRM activities are accurately recorded
  • Enhances the partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers
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advanced passenger information

The old days of clipboards and heaps of paperwork could be so frustrating, especially on a wet and windy day. Thanks to the RATT the clipboards have gone, the paperwork has reduced, and our TCOs can spend more time doing the most important part of their job; keeping a careful watch on everything that goes on around the aircraft stand.

Duty Manager, VAA, Newark International Airport, USAHead of Operations, Vigin Atlantic
Aircraft Ramp Software


Enhancing your aircraft turnaround time with ramp software:

  • Coordinates and precision manages ramp operations at the aircraft side
  • Captures all services and operations in real-time either as part of a turnaround or as ad hoc services
  • Ensures all services are billed accurately, reducing revenue leakage and improving bottom-line performance
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Upgrading your billing and invoicing:

  • Capture of turn types, ancillary services, bonus and rebates as well as disbursements
  • Improved invoice accuracy
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced debtor days
  • Enhances partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers
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Airport billing software

How the AV RATT® system works


Captures the start and stop times of all aircraft turnaround service activities in real time


Software can be loaded onto any Android or iOS handheld device used by the Dispatcher


System alerts stakeholders to any activity delays that may affect on-time departure


The user interface is easy to use, requiring minimal training or experience


Integrates with the airport's A-CDM system and can automatically send real-time target off-blocks updates to A-CDM

Key benefits of our Aircraft Turnaround System

Data Intelligence Solutions for Improved On-Time Performance

Utilising real-time, automated data collection and Machine Learning/AI to improve performance of the turnaround and increase OTP.

Collaboration & Integration for Ground Solutions

Our solutions provide multiple system integration based on real-time updates of the turnaround, ensuring seamless collaboration and integration for your airline.

Gain Early Awareness of Impending Problems

With the AV RATT® turnaround tool, customers can identify potential issues before they become actual problems, allowing for proactive decision making and minimising delays.

Performance Monitoring for Airlines

Our solutions provide monitoring of performance against SLA’s for airlines, enabling improved contract management and better performance for you and your airlines.

Increasing profits

Improved billing accuracy and timeliness; increasing profits and improving cash flow management.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Reduced flight delays, improved OTP, customer satisfaction, and minimising negative PR.

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