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About us

Leading the challenge to automate and connect airport operations

Avtura® is a specialist, independent provider of software management solutions and consultancy for the airport operations sector, based near Gatwick airport in the UK, and operating globally.

Focussed on aircraft turnaround and de-icing solutions and ground handler billing and staff management. We offer mobile and web based SaaS solutions that enable airports, airlines and

ground handlers to automate and connect their operational processes, improving performance and profits for all parties.

In addition, by improving process handling, Avtura® has demonstrated that we also improve customer experience with a higher proportion of flights leaving on time and the potential for flights to actually leave early.

Why you should consider us …

Airport Operations, we get it!

We are not just another software company. The team have hands on experience working in operational roles in the aviation industry,  which means that our solutions are exactly what you need to improve performance.

Delivering, not just talking

Proven track record of delivering for our customers – don’t just take our word for it!

We went live with the first version of our turnaround tool in 2007, whilst others were still just talking about it.

Partnership approach

You should feel that we are a part of your team.  We work hand in hand with our customers to understand your pain points, continuously enhancing our products to add additional value.

Extremely usable & scalable products

We are very good at software development and particularly usability and user interface design.  Our customers love our products and how intuitive they are to use.  Minimal training required.

Helping …



Ground handlers

We provide airlines, ground handlers and airports with an opportunity to make significant cost savings without compromising on customer service. In the ground handling environment every minute counts, every minute costs and we aim to save those minutes and costs and we do so by delivering what our customers need, in the way that they need it; in effect doing what we say not just saying what we do.

Christopher Meeking, Avtura CEO

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