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News from Avtura

Avtura helping Virgin Atlantic Airways to a 30% improvement in OTP! See the story at our downloads in the white paper with Motorola.

“On-time performance is a key metric for any airline. Research tells us that customers’ top priority is to depart and arrive on time and get their bags quickly. This is why we deployed Avtura’s real-time automated turnaround software as part of our drive for improved punctuality. Working with Avtura we reviewed the critical elements in our turnaround process and mapped these to its RATT software. The technology, which  converts a complex set of tasks into an intuitive application for dispatchers, has helped us embed a step-change in our on-time performance, improving our service to customers and having a knock-on benefit  on costs.”

Joe Thompson, General Manager, Airport Operations, Virgin Atlantic


Product card: Ratt 2013

White paper: Motorola


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